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Battling bipolar, regaining physical and mental health.

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  • Finding Direction, My Way
    This post is one that will never be completed. I will add to it and update it as my direction in life flows, carving its way through the landscape of life like a river. A trickle to begin with, gathering momentum and eventually spilling into the sea of life. Frank Sinatra is one of myContinue reading “Finding Direction, My Way”
  • Work
    I hate going to work, there I said it. It doesn’t matter what the job or company is, I hate it. I find the whole concept of having to trade my life away for money disgusting. Spending days pretending im sociable and engaging customers gives me the shits. I know the necessity of work, payingContinue reading “Work”
  • Hypomania
    Wow, I’ve got some shit done today I thought. I’ve taken all my tablets as prescribed but I’m not even tired yet. If you have read some of my other posts you will know that I keep a pretty rigid schedule, so even though I wasn’t tired I packed myself off to bed at nine.Continue reading “Hypomania”